Announcement: Papyrus V7 Supports Open Standard XML

This is the official announcement that all ISIS Papyrus Platform products are fully compliant to open standard XML formats. To document that fact ISIS Papyrus Software AG has joined the most relevant standards organisations and will in future participate in the formation and evolution of these standards.

We have more important things to do than to waste time discussing the subject of XML with all related problems. The Papyrus Platform has since many years various XML supporting features that were quite extended in V7. Extensive SOAP, WSDL and UDDI support is one addition. Another  is the ability to map freely any XML tag to any Papyrus internal object ID. Our rule language PQL was enhanced to allow the parsing of XML structures. Thus, the Papyrus ObjectSpace can be regarded as a fully-featured XML database, allowing queries for XML tags and values.

We will continue to recommend alternatives to XML where sensible, but happily spend the extra time and ressources to deal with XML if the project demands it. This is in principle the way we have been dealing with XML for the last ten years. Most Papyrus frameworks support since some time the use of XSD for data mapping and the use of XSL to define document components. There is no need to program XSLTs because the mapping into Papyrus object structures is automatic.

Finally: The ISIS Papyrus Platform can be considered to be fully OPEN and a STANDARD. As far as I was told that is what everyone is looking for. You ask and we give it to you!