ISIS Papyrus Product News

The ISIS Papyrus software release cycle is not very rigid. New software functions and bug fixes are released daily from R&D. Typically it takes three month for a new function to be quality assured, which means to perform as much regression and performance testing as possible against our large library of customer applications.

With the Papyrus Platform we also now have to test scalability and we do that up to ten thousand user and server nodes. We also test compatibility of node versions against each other to see if the mix produces are functional and stable environment.

There are still those corporate users that can not deal with a short release cycle. So we provide an official software CD release usually once a year with intermediate releases as needed by customer request. We have coporate users that are on software versions 3 years down and we still do support them.

More information on products in the following:

More on the ISIS Papyrus Platform > 


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