About ISIS Papyrus Software

ISIS Papyrus provides software solutions for customers service centric applications such as customer care, sales, account or claims management with the perspective that large corporations need a consolidated environment that enables collaboration, process or case focused user guidance. Having grown over 20 years from large-scale document management experience ISIS proposes that business documents are not a sideline but rather the carrier of the business process. ISIS Papyrus tears down the existing solution borders between mass background production and user interactive inbound and outbound documents in paper and electronic form.
ISIS Papyrus provides solutions to large financial institutions worldwide that scan, classify and data capture more than 100.000 bank documents a day or generate 50 million pages of dynamically formatted insurance customer documents in 24 hours. ISIS Papyrus also performs the post processing, bundling, sorting, an drives high-speed printers in black and white, highlight or full color and enveloping. Papyrus has provided Transpromo applications for full-colour high-speed printing since 2000.
Since 2001, ISIS Papyrus offers the ISIS Papyrus Platform – built around its WebRepository – to facilitate the creative destruction of the barriers between process (BPM), content (ECM) and customer relationship management (CRM). The time has come for a customer focused service concept that empowers the business user and does not tie him into a process straightjacket. Business professionals and users can add content and business rules to ensure corporate and legal compliance. Auditors can verify compliance case by case or based on auditing reports. Deeply imbedded security provides encryption and user authentication.

To close the functional and knowledge gap between collaboration, process and case management ISIS Papyrus provides the revolutionary User-Trained Agent (UTA), a machine learning component that learns complex business events that progress the business case from user interaction with the collaborative workspace. The metadata models in the WebRepository are mapped to the data federation services from productive databases. The UTA performs operative business intelligence in the context of the business case and provides decision support to the business user by pointing out recurring data patterns and suggesting related actions.

The Papyrus EYE user front-end brings the power of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to the business user. Windows style GUI in the browser as well as graphical representation of business cases, chart based dashboards are now easily defined without programming. The user interface is managed like all elements of the business application through the life-cycle services of the Papyrus WebRepository.

ISIS Papyrus provides Adaptive Process technology that exposes structured (business data) and unstructured (content) information to the members of structured (business) and unstructured (social) organizations to securely execute – with knowledge interactively gathered previously – structured (process) and unstructured (case) work in a transparent and auditable manner .


3 thoughts on “About ISIS Papyrus Software

  1. Hello, thanks for your question. Yes, nearly all ISIS Papyrus Software components also run on IBM z/Linux and have been available there for more than two years. We recently installed a new iBM z/900 mainframe with a seperate z/Linux environment to have more CPU power for parallel development and testing on z/OS, USS and z/Linux. Please contact info@isis-papyrus.com for more information.

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