ISIS Papyrus becomes OASIS Foundational Sponsor

Recently, ISIS Papyrus Software has decided to join OASIS – the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards as a Foundational Member.

OASIS is a not-for-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. The consortium produces more Web services standards than any other organization along with standards for security, e-business, and standardization efforts in the public sector and for application-specific markets. Founded in 1993, OASIS has more than 5,000 participants representing over 600 organizations and individual members in 100 countries.

For many this may be a surprise. I have been fairly outspoken when discussing the benefits of standards and made it clear that only those standards are relevant to us when they produce a substantial benefit to the business user. Otherwise they just cost money and hold back innovation. One of the reason to join was the creation of the OASIS CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) to standardize a Web services interface specification that will enable greater interoperability of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. CMIS uses Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable rich information to be shared across Internet protocols in vendor-neutral formats, among document systems, publishers and archives, within one enterprise and between companies.

We have announced the participation in the CMIS standards already over a year ago and have well advanced its implementation and testing. In this process we found that we should take a stronger shaping role in the creation as otherwise it is just the large vendors who dominate such standards to fit their own purposes, as much as OASIS uses a democratic process. Democracy only works if you go to vote. So here we are!

We also announced some time ago that we will put more effort into supporting XML formats, despite all their drawbacks and problems. We will only do this to the outside because our own internal formats are up to TWENTY TIMES more efficient than any XML format would be.

This is a substantial step for our business to give our customers the assurance that we do not only support market standards such as AFP (since 22 years) and PDF, but also Open Standards!


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