ISIS Papyrus WebArchive Client for iPhone

We are very excited to announce the availability of the ISIS Papyrus WebArchive Client for iPhone on the Apple Appstore through using its Papyus EYE Mobile technology. It enables mobile access to documents stored on a remote Papyrus WebArchive. These documents can be generated by any kind of application or can be part of a business process or case file. Users can access Business Documents, add remarks (Stickers) and locate the person’s address. The user can upload any file on his iPhone to the WebArchive, including pictures taken with the iPhone. If the user is properly authorized he can change the state of viewed documents and thus take part in business processes without the need for a particular workflow client! ISIS Papyrus also announces its plans to make all Papyrus EYE Mobile applications available for Windows Mobile 7 and Android.

Papyrus WebArchive opens the world of mass customer documents distribution from the mainframe or Unix servers to the corporate Intranet and also to the MOBILE world. Corporations with a large number of customers regularly addressed with mass printing, now have the option to offer company wide document access, as well as customer direct access via Internet technology as a value added service to those same documents. This functionality is an essential feature for CRM Customer Relationship Management.

Applications for Banking, Insurance and Telecoms:

The WebArchive can be utilized to distribute customer documents and bank statements for collection of the documents by the customer. Customer folders can be defined on a number of WebArchive servers which can be accessed by internal and agent staff. Any customer query can be answered immediately. Customer documents can be printed, faxed or e-mailed as copy from the original document file. Customer billing information is not only available to the company personnel, but also to the customer himself via the Internet and through mobiles.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely secure access protocol without browser!
  • Access to document inbox from mobile
  • Change document state and thus case state
  • Alternative or value added services
  • No duplicate document generation
  • Constant quality for print and Web presentation
  • Reduced print and mail costs
  • Link to other Web based services
  • View AFP documents to lossless PDF conversion

Papyrus WebArchive enables the use of mainframe and Client/Server mass produced documents in WWW based Intranets or the Internet and now on mobiles with first the iPhone. Supported input formats are AFP documents or line-mode files with mixed Xerox DJDE or AFP controls, SAP R/2, R/3 and any other format supported by Papyrus DocEXEC. The z/OS JES2/3 connected Papyrus Host component provides transparent document transfer to the WebArchive from the print queue. Processing of the documents can be performed on the mainframe or the server as required.

ISIS Papyrus WebArchive Client for iPad available in Mai 2010!


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