Is security finally a mainstream subject?

When we announced in 2003 that we were adding a tightly integrated security functionality into the Papyrus Platform the response was absolutely amazing.


Till today I am amazed at the lack of professionalism that such a nonchalant security attitude presents. How can any executive or IT manager simply ignore it? Now that more and more data thefts and security breaches become public maybe the tide is turning. A couple of years ago EMC bought Authentica – a 20 head startup – to do the same thing. The focus of Authentica was to secure content on remote and mobile devices. I was amazed at the time to hear that Documentum had no such functionality up to that point. EMC has acquired a long list of software products before and after that to try and get anywhere close to what the Papyrus Platform offers as a total. But it is a huge difference if you are playing mix and match or if the system as a whole employs a full security strategy.

The Role/Policy authorization of Papyrus is not just for outer shell protection – stop people from braking in – but it controls what a particular user role can do with any particular kind of object in a particular business unit. It is more than just simple access control. Papyrus also offers to properly authenticate the user by either password or SmartCard access and if necessary using Biometrics such as fingerprint readers. But that is not all. The content (actually any object) has to be protected from prying eyes by encryption even if it has been copied to the PC of an authorized user. The Papyrus Object Space database offers that facility.

Yes, EMC is compared to ISIS Papyrus a big cheese and they are still filling the holes!


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