Papyrus for Records Management and more …

These were questions that were posted about doing Records Management with Papyrus:

  1. – Can retention policies be declarative described and dynamically assigned (rules)? YES
  2. – Can records be divided in so called sub-files to apply different retention policies? YES
  3. – Is there support for classification schemes aka taxonomy (industry specific) and if so how is classification being done (manual, automatic, pre-defined)? Yes, the taxonomoy is definable and classification can be trained and then highly automated. It is part of our Capture process.
  4. – Is there support for audit trailing? YES.
  5. – Is there support for Retention and Disposition Schedules? YES
  6. – How is backup and Recovery of the records and meta-data addressed? The internal back procedure of Papyrus takes care of archiving data on nodes.
  7. – Is there support for shredding (destroying)? YES (date triggered)
  8. – Is there support for “disposal holds” (to prevent destroying of specific documents)? YES
  9. – What about the workflow (e.g. review, approval) of certain actions like disposition? YES, is freely definable.
  10. – Can records being transfered to other locations, systems? If so, is the original then destructed afterwards? That is freely definable.
  11. – Could you tell a bit more about Inbound (capture) does it include also email management? YES. Emails are captured and then classified.
  12. – Do i understand correctly that ISIS supports RM for Outbound (how)? YES. Once the document is ready to be sent it an be archived as record without additional functionality needed.
  13. – Is DoD 5015.2-STD supported (how) and if so is Papyrus certified? NO.
  14. – Is MoReq2 (European) supported (how) and if so is Papyrus certified? NO. In the plans.

You will find my complete position on Records Management on my ‘Welcome To The Real World’ blog.