Press Release: ISIS Papyrus Platform V7

ISIS Papyrus V7 Enterprise Communication and Process Platform Enables Consolidated Service Delivery for Customer-Focused Quality and Collaboration
Breakthrough user-trained workflow discovery, adaptation and optimization streamlines real-world, content-enabled service processes

VIENNA and DALLAS ( April 21, 2008 ) — ISIS Papyrus Software, the customer-focused innovator in enterprise communication and process solutions, released Papyrus Platform V7, a unique solution for business process and content management based on service consolidation. The latest release of the Papyrus Platform offers the User-Trained Agent (UTA), the first solution to use real-time machine learning for automated business process discovery and continuous process optimization and adaptation.

“Global enterprises need to dynamically manage content and processes that link all systems, applications and people around the world effectively and efficiently,” said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus. “While most process applications are designed to isolate and dictate execution, the Papyrus Platform responds to the business need to access, customize, improve and deliver content in the context of relevant business processes and enables flexible cooperation of all process participants.”

The ISIS Papyrus Platform V7 provides the UTA to discover business processes from user interaction in days, rather than the months necessary with standard BPM approaches and tools. Using Complex Event Processing (CEP) to detect the data patterns of business processes in real time, the innovative UTA technology not only shortens the process analysis but also performs ongoing, policy-based optimization as users change their daily interactions with the content. Trained processes are fully auditable, reactive to drastic pattern changes with red flags for audit and controlled by easy-to-define business rule boundaries.

Consolidation of Content, Process and Business Rules
The Papyrus Platform V7 ensures version-controlled application lifecycle management with the WebRepository providing distributed infrastructure across Windows, Linux, Unix and z/OS, consolidating busi¬ness rules, document management and case management for an end-to-end solution for unified inbound and outbound commu¬nication and process management:

  • The Papyrus User-Trained Agent monitors the business scope or customer context for complex event patterns related to user activity, efficiently performing ‘Activity Mining™’ in real time – users train business activities for the process context and share role-based experience without the need for process analysis and encoding, while defined business rules ensure compliance and company policy boundaries
  • Papyrus EYE Graphical User Interface for PC and Flash enhances the Papyrus WebPortal with Rich Internet Applications (RIA), completely defined through version-controlled components in the WebRepository without HTML/JavaScript or Ajax programming
  • Activity Recorder (AR) and Natural Language Rules (NLR) provide the non-technical business user with the ability to record and reuse GUI interaction scripts and powerful business rules with interactive user guidance for syntax and variable names from the business context
  • Papyrus Application Analyzer (APA) provides a system management facility for tuning distributed applications across many servers, with tracing for all running tasks and tools, as well as analysis of performance data to drill down to the business rule executed

Key business benefits of the Papyrus Platform V7 for enterprise users, administrators and management address the tangible and intangible costs of delivering quality customer service processes:

  • Enable business professionals and analysts to define business data models and entities
  • Empower users to create the content and presentation for processes based on models
  • Reduce costs up to 75 percent for process analysis, implementation and deployment
  • Provide integration with business rules engine for regulatory and audit compliance
  • Shorten time to market for new products and customer services
  • Enhance closed-loop processes for partners and vendors through WebPortal with RIA

“Fragmenting the customer service requirements into ECM, CRM and BPM software has created serious challenges for the business managers responsible for improving and maintaining process quality in customer relationships,” said Max J. Pucher, Chief Architect of ISIS Papyrus. “With the continuous process adaptation provided by the UTA in Papyrus Platform V7, our clients benefit from consolidated, customer-focused processes that increase customer satisfaction and process quality while retaining and increasing a healthy competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

About ISIS Papyrus Software:

In 2008 ISIS Papyrus celebrates 20 years of excellence and customer-focused innovation, with 16 worldwide offices, 13 subsidiaries and three development centers. More than 2,000 enterprise and government clients worldwide use ISIS Papyrus solutions for business correspondence, multi-channel output, e-mail, document capture and archiving. First available in 2000, the ISIS Papyrus Platform supports leading organizations in the finance, insurance, healthcare and telecommunication as well as manufacturing and government sectors. More information about the company and its ISIS Papyrus Enterprise Communication and Process Platform is available online at


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