Being Ahead is not always good!

Innovative and future oriented software vendors face tough times today. ISIS Papyrus has always been on the forefront and quite ahead of times. I always proposed for example that a standard electronic format had to be at the center of any enterprise document product long before PDF came into the market.

I remember that even when we could print to all major printers, our competition would go out and claim that having AFP as a core architecture was a drawback of our the ISIS Papyprus prodcuts. And yes, some businesses believed that and went with the competition. Don’t get me wrong, I am not moaning about the fact that IT vendors lie in their marketing and sales process. Competition is good and has always forced us to do better. There are those that make the most unbelievable claims and they are still believed. One vendor claimed that because we supported AFP we were a mainframe product adpated for PC and therefore so slow, when everyone knows that the opposite is the case. IBM keeps telling us that we are the ONE VENDOR that has by the largest C++ compilations for z/OS and z/Linux. Papyrus formatting is only slower when you compare it to products with a lot less functionality and flexibility.

Take for example Transpromo! This sudden hyped up buzzword can really make me mad. We did our very first TRANSPROMO project with dynamic marketing messaging into bank statements for Citibank in Singapore in 1996 in mixed English and Chinese. We do transpromo better than anyone else in black and white, spot color and full color printing.

We at ISIS Papyrus have never taken the short cut. We still do not raise our prices so high that we can discount to 50% and make an ignorant purchasing clerk look good. It is simply not good business.

And that is all we do at ISIS – Win for you and Win for us!


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